Kitesurfing school Lanzarote

Kitesurfing school Lanzarote

Extreme Sports Waterboarding
Kite lessons include all the material

We are collaborating with Ozone kites. The lessons with kitesurfing school Lanzarote include all the gear. Every student gets a helmet, a life jacket, a harness (if you don not have your own), kite and board (twin tip or surf).
You can participate in the courses also with your own equipment. The price of the course is then lower.

Extreme Sports Waterboarding
All instructors are certified

Kitesurfing school Lanzarote has only experienced IKO certificate  instructor on board . All the knowledge you need, you will get from them!

Beginner kitesurfing

The student gets basic knowledge with the kite ( at the beach and on the water). We also teach you everything about safety (kite fell into the water, self rescue, body dragging…). After the course you will be able to control your kite and the board.

Duration: 15 hours
Price: 550€

Advanced kitesurfing

Lessons are tailored to suite your individual kiting knowledge and then we take it day by day to see your progression. The advanced course is suitable for those who already know the basic and having problems with turns, upwind one-handed kite control,basic jumps, learn prevention-choosing the right place when the beach has rocks or waves. After the course you will be self confident and be able to up-wind to the starting position.

Duration: 15 hours
Price: 550€

Refresh kitesurfing

Course is suitable for those who did not kite for a long time and are not confident with the kite. You will refresh all the needed knowledge (basic and advanced). After the course you will be self confident and be able to up-wind to the starting position.

Duration: 6 hours
Price: 230€

Wave kitesurfing

Suitable for all curious to change “twin tip” board for “surf” board, riding the waves, switch riding, passing the shore break, jibes, bottom turn… The most important is to overcome the fear against the waves and felling comfortable with them.

Duration: 15 hours
Price: 550€

Private kitesurfing

If you want company when kiting and having somebody to check your kiting knowledge. We can also arrange “photo shooting”.

Duration: 3 hour
Price: 190€, semi private 120€/person

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Surf Lessons, Wing Foiling, Kite Surf And Paddle Surf In Lanzarote

Kitesurfing conditions in Famara beach, Lanzarote

Years ago Famara beach was famous only for surfing. There was no activity in other sports. Maybe windsurfing but conditions can be pretty hard with big swell and shore break. Than kitesurfers came and found out that with NE Alisios trade wind, 6 km long sandy beach, Famare is the perfect spot to practice kitesurf (wave or freestyle kiteboarding). The trade winds blow at their strongest and are more constant in the summer time (from March until August) so you might get more chance to enjoy the breeze during the whole duration of your stay. Also during the winter time you can get awesome wind combined with some good waves to enjoy your kitesurfing session and adrenaline-fueled fun. The best time to ride during the day is with low to mid tide.

Kitesurfing in Famara beach

The regulation of the beach divided Famara  into different parts for swimmers only, surfing and kitesurfing zones.The allocated kiting zone is from around the middle of the beach to the northern end. This part of the beach is accessible via a driveable track which goes behind the bungalows or just walking along the beach. There are flags that mark the kitesurfing zone and you will probably see kitesurfers there already. You can just choose your own favorite spot.
There is enough space for everyone and usually the beach is not crowded at all. Sometimes happens that you are the only rider in the water. Somewhere on the middle of the bay also Kitesurfing school Lanzarote has their place.
When the wind changes and blows southerly, then it’s time to head off to the beach at Playa Honda on the other side of the island. Waves will be smaller but there should be opportunities to get the occasional jump and to practice free style.

Kitesurf beginners and starting with Kitesurfing school Lanzarote

Some people have doubts when coming to Famara and see that there is practically no flat water to do the first steps in the water. No problem at all-during the summer time, the beach is enormous during the low tide. Nature provides some pools, lagoons where you can easily practice the water start and do some kitesurfing. Otherwise the first 150-200m from the coast the waves are gentle and ideal to start. You are even forced to start doing turns on both sides or if you do not manage you can easily have a walk back along the beach. If you can kitesurf in Famara, you can kitesurf everywhere. This is also our main motto at ” Kitesurfing school Lanzarote “.

Safety first!

As any other sport also kitesurfing can be dangerous if you do not obey the rules and do not know the basics. That is why it is always better to take some initial courses before you start practicing a new sport and learn to kitesurf the responsible way. Also you will prevent any damage to equipment if you are coached by an experienced instructor. Nowadays the equipment is so advanced that safety is always a priority and also the wind conditions are safe because the wind is blowing side/onshore from the right. So whatever happens you always reach the coast.
What is the most important – qualified  lifeguards are securing the beach, so whatever happens, they can always help you!

Wave kitesurf in Famara, Lanzarote
During the winter time the swell can pick up because of the storms in the mid Atlantic. The waves that are created make beautiful surfable waves on the beach.  If you are lucky enough to combine the waves with some wind, you have perfect kitesurf wave riding conditions, large enough to challenge anyone and change kiteboarding for kitesurfing.

Now just do not hesitate and buy your ticket to Lanzarote FAMARA!
Have a great ride and let the Sky be the Limit!